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My recent mediations

  • A claim brought by a communications company against a technology business concerning the development of an App.

  • A dispute concerning the partitioning of a large piece of land.

  • A building contract dispute, due to be tried in the High Court the following month.

  • A multi-party dispute concerning alleged contamination of animal feed.

  • Litigation over the terms and performance of a contract for the sale and purchase of an aircraft.

  • A shareholder dispute involving allegations of unfairly prejudicial conduct and valuation issues.

  • A dispute between franchisor and franchisee as to alleged breaches of contract and amounts owed under the franchise agreement.

  • A dispute between a payment card business and a multi-site retailer regarding amounts due under a commercial contract.

  • Claims and counterclaims between 50-50 shareholders of a successful manufacturing business.

  • A dispute concerning the supply of a transport facility to the organisers of a city centre event.

  • Litigation between the seller and the purchaser of a high value performance vehicle.

  • Co-mediating a claim by a corporate customer of a bank, alleging against the bank economic duress in relation to changes in lending terms and interest rate hedging arrangements.

  • A claim, due to be heard at trial the following week, regarding the positioning of foundations for a building in relation to the boundary of the property.

  • An action for professional negligence against an insurance broker concerning alleged failures to correctly identify and pass on information relevant to insurers, leading to denial of cover following a fire at a commercial property.

  • Financial claims arising out of an admitted breach of data protection legislation.

  • A dispute between two parties as to the existence of a business partnership, the identity of partnership assets and the terms of the alleged partnership agreement.

  • A case concerning alleged breaches of restrictive covenants and confidentiality provisions in a consultancy agreement.

  • A claim brought by a bank against its appointed surveyors for alleged professional negligence in the valuation of a commercial property.

  • A dispute concerning the drafting of legal documents for the formation of a leisure complex.

  • A dispute regarding investment and tax advice given to an individual.

  • Allegations of professional negligence against the auditors of a company concerning a fraud perpetrated on the company.

  • A range of issues between shareholders of a family retail business.

  • A dispute between a company and its insurers concerning alleged late notification of a third party claim made against the company following a factory fire.

  • A case relating to advice given to the directors of a company entering voluntary liquidation.

  • A dispute between a partnership and one of its partners following the giving of a termination notice.

  • A claim for professional negligence against a firm of solicitors in relation to the handling of Court proceedings.